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In 1998, my professional life took a dramatic turn. For the previous 10 years I had been an associate, then a partner, at the well-respected boutique litigation firm Anderson, Moss, Sherouse & Petros. Earlier that year, the senior partners had decided to accept a proposal to merge with a large national law firm. My colleagues, all of whom I greatly respected and many of whom I still count as friends, were understandably excited by the new venture. After careful deliberation, however, I decided to chart a different course.

In June of that year, I formed what is now William Petros Law, committed to providing a personal, highly communicative experience between lawyer and client. Over the past twenty years the firm’s practice has evolved as all law firms do, but our work has and always will be litigation focused. The type of cases we handle vary – business, commercial, insurance, torts – but the process we employ is consistent: getting out in front of the dispute, identifying the critical issues, and then efficiently navigating the case toward the best possible resolution for the client through settlement or trial. It is a commitment that begins the moment the claim arises and doesn’t end until the last appeal is decided.

We’re a small firm and that suits us fine. We accept fewer cases and handle them better, more efficiently, and with greater attention to detail. When necessary we incorporate creative fee arrangements to meet the particular needs of our clients, always keeping in mind our guiding principle: we accept only those cases in which we can provide the client dedicated, highly competent, resourceful, and most of all, passionate representation.

When the need arises, give us a call. Drawing on our many years of legal experience, we’ll give you straight answers to your questions. Together we’ll determine whether your needs match our abilities. If our firm is the right one to guide you through a difficult experience, you’ll get the very best we have to offer.

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