Insurance Coverage

Our firm represents individuals and business entities that have responsibly secured insurance coverage, regularly paid premiums, and then submitted valid claims only to have them improperly denied by their insurance companies.

After a claim is filed, the insurance company will first scour the application to determine whether any information the insured had previously filed can be characterized as a misrepresentation. Then they look to invoke any exclusion, no matter how broad the interpretation, so as to deny the claim. We handle cases involve a variety of insurance policies: business, commercial, marine, windstorm, health, disability, and many others. We aggressively represent our clients to insure coverage.

For example, in the commercial context we successfully represented a the owner of multiple warehouses whose hurricane damage claim was improperly denied when the insurance company tried to characterize the insured’s intermediate roofs as “awnings”. Our representation resulted in a multi-million dollar settlement. In another case, we represented the owner of a high rise who learned that the structural engineer had negligently designed the building so that it was at great risk of imploding. The insurance company argued that the policy did not cover the claim because the building had not yet experienced a “collapse”. We persuaded the trial court that this limiting language in the insurance policy should be read liberally to include the risk of collapse so as to avoid a catastrophe. Last year we obtained a judgment in excess of a million dollars on behalf of a business that sought reimbursement for money paid it out in settlement following a government investigation. The trial court rejected the insurance company’s argument that “mistakes” it made in drafting the language of the policy were immaterial, and the decision was affirmed on appeal.

Health insurance policies are also frequent a source of litigation as insurance companies look for ways to avoid paying catastrophic medical bills. Similarly, in the disability context, insurance companies will continuously monitor their insureds looking for any reason, valid or not, to deny the insured’s benefits. Our firm has had great success in insuring or restoring health coverage for many individuals in need. For one particularly poignant example, click and read below.