Torts / Personal Injury

For many years, we have ably come to the assistance of clients who have been the unfortunate victims of catastrophic negligence caused by accidents, negligent security, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, or products liability. Some law firms tout the number of files in their office, but our firm is highly selective: we accept only those cases involving a serious personal injury that warrants the considerable time and expertise our firm must invest on behalf of its most vulnerable clients.

We don’t use the word vulnerability lightly either. In one medical malpractice case resulting in a multi-million dollar verdict, we represented the new born twin children of a woman who slowly bled to death in a hospital after giving birth. In another case, we obtained substantial compensation for a young disabled woman who was left comatose after being assaulted in an assisted living facility. In a federal maritime action, we obtained a multi-million dollar verdict on behalf of two children whose parents drowned in an accident caused by a boat charter company.

It’s not about quantity at William Petros Law. We choose to handle fewer cases better.