Medical Malpractice

Since its inception, the firm has successfully handled medical malpractice cases.  This firm has favorably settled, or tried to verdict, cases involving the negligence of the following: obstetricians, anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, pediatric geneticists, radiologists, plastic surgeons as well as countless other physicians, medical professional associations, clinics and hospitals.  The firm's use of trial presentation technology has also been critical to its great results in these cases.  The firm's ability to digitally enhance demonstrative exhibits such as x-rays and medical reports depicting injuries, to impeach witnesses using deposition testimony and to convey the extent of suffering using day-in-the-life videos has all been invaluable.  Using this technology allows the fact finder to visualize and understand the extent of the subject injury or tragedy.

Similarly, the firm has successfully handled nursing home negligence matters and cases against similar care facilities for the elderly and developmentally disabled.  These claims almost always involve neglect in the care and treatment thereby resulting in decubitus ulcers, wandering from the facility, malnutrition, and/or violent attacks by other residents and/or staff at the given facility.  Our lawyers have become so familiar with the medical record keeping and policies and procedures at these facilities that fraudulent record keeping, as evidenced by substantive changes made in a resident's chart long after the subject injury or tragedy, is often detected.  Uncovering unlawful record changes and/or recognizing and promptly exposing a facility's forged documents has promptly led to the resolution of several cases.

  • Orlando – Obtained a multimillion dollar verdict (following two week jury trial) in medical negligence action brought on behalf of minor twins against several defendants, including a major local hospital and an obstetrician, where the medical providers failed to properly assess and treat post-operative complications following a cesarean section. This negligence resulted in the death of the twins' mother.  (Eleventh Jud. Cir. Case No. 02-32509 CA 21)

  • GonzalezNegotiated substantial settlement in a medical negligence case against a major South Florida hospital on behalf of a man who was left in a persistent vegetative state due to substandard care.  (State of FL Div. of Admin. Hearings Case No. 09-2729MA)

  • Noriega Received significant settlement in nursing home negligence action against two defendants on behalf of widow of decedent who suffered from very advanced stage decubitus ulcers which ultimately caused his death.  (Seventeenth Jud. Cir. Case No. 00-004103 CA 14)

  • Pantrigo – Secured favorable settlement in nursing home negligence action stemming from extended neglect which resulted in extensive bed sores, malnutrition, dehydration and associated medical problems which ultimately caused the death of an elderly man.  (Eleventh Jud. Cir. Case No. 97-13685 CA 06)

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